About ResilientU

Poonam and her daughter Shweta established ResilientU with the aim of transforming people’s lives. They believe that individuals have the capability to endure difficult situations, heal themselves, and return to a state of happiness, but often just need a push. Both founders have a strong interest in spirituality and have accumulated knowledge from their spiritual journeys. During their exploration of the causes of suffering and pain and how to overcome them, they came to understand the law of attraction and the crucial role that the mind, body, and soul play in shaping a person and their relationships.

About Shweta

I am a life coach and humanitarian who helps people worldwide achieve a balanced life. My passion is to support my clients in overcoming their limiting beliefs, stress, and anxiety, overcoming impostor syndrome, building self-confidence, and addressing the underlying issues that prevent them from reaching their full potential. I understand my clients’ struggles as I have faced similar issues.

In a warm, empathetic, and non-judgmental manner, I will work with you to develop a strong mindset that can handle any life challenges, from stress and anxiety to lack of confidence, procrastination, and feelings of being overwhelmed.

My objective is to help you find a balance between rational thinking and intuition, as well as between being and doing, so you can expand your mind to create your reality and believe that anything is possible with determination.

My passion is to assist clients in rediscovering their inner strengths and resources to live a fulfilling life mentally, emotionally, personally, and physically, by gaining self-awareness, developing resilience, and feeling calm in the face of life’s challenges. Having clarity means being able to determine what is important and handling problems in a way that aligns with your values, so you can make impactful decisions for yourself and your family.

During our sessions, the aim is to make you feel at ease and facilitate epiphanic moments that lead to faster, smoother, and more informed decisions. We will focus on the three P’s of your life: Purpose (gaining clarity, feeling connected to your roots, and uncovering your life’s purpose),  Performance (clarity of thoughts helps to focus on what’s important and improve your strengths and weaknesses, leading to momentum in life), and Presence (when you have a clear vision you become focused and driven, which makes others more likely to notice and respect you).


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