Don't let someone else's judgement define You.
It's Not Who You Are...
Just Breath and believe in Yourself

Don't let someone else's judgement define You.
It's Not Who You Are...
Just Breath and believe in Yourself


Life Coach, Wellness Coach, and Student Coach


One on One counseling


Online training through different courses

Benefits of a Healthy Mindset

Restore Health

It’s EASIER to Restore Health.
Falling sick is against the LAW of LIFE, it SIMPLY means You are Thinking Negatively

Self Healing

Don’t expect someone’s forgiveness, when even you can’t forgive yourself.
Self-forgiveness is the first step towards self-healing…

Goal oriented Mindset

Don’t think:Why me or why did it happen to me?
Rather think:
Yes, now that has happened to me, it is time to buck up, get up and try again. It’s time to get one step closer to the GOAL.

Be Successful

There is nothing called failure. Every failed attempt teaches you what not to do. Failure is only when you stop trying

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Highly professional advice to help get to know about any kind of required clarity regarding any situation.

Kaustubh Churi

Very good counsellor, her counselling had lot of impact

Mr. Rahul Sawant

She is an amazing life coach.Her uplifting energy makes you heal instantly .God bless you Shweta…keep spreading your light😀

Ms. Manpreet Kaur

Shweta jain is a very good NLP Practitioner and Counselor. I personally experience her counseling for students and Parents. He is very good NLP Life coach. I strongly recommend her for his services.

Dr Rama Mehta

Congratulations! Shweta Jain is a very good counsellor.she has Very depth in counseling & it’s very impectful.. keep rocking..👌👌

Mr. Pritam Majumdar

Shweta you are an amazing coach, who is so compassionate for others. Your positive persona puts anyone at ease.

Ms. Mona Gujral

Highly Recommended.
One of the finest speaker and highly qualified. Know the right way to convey the right information….

Mr. Syed Zeshan Ahmad

Awesome. Just Amazing. She is the greatest person, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend her and you must keep contact with her, she is a bank of knowledge. Best!!

Ms. Rajni Srivastava

She is the best Coach and Mentor. I highly recommend her.

Ms. Jasmine Thakkar

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